Event car stickers are here !

stick 002.JPG

The event car stickers have arrived ! Everything starts to come together now !

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First picture in ...

moustache, moustache party

Dean from DUBNUTS vw club (DUBNUTS club is also coming with a delegation from the UK) send us this picture with the text "FREDDIE,THE SCHWIMMWAGEN DIDNT MAKE THE CHANNEL, iM GOING IT ON FOOT - SEE YOU THERE"


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NO PUB ! The freddyfiles in NINOVE is a no pub meeting so if you're an ORGANISER of a show, please get in touch with me on FREDDYFILES2012@GMAIL.com to get your flyers or GOODIES or PROMOTIONAL ITEMS in the GOODIEBAGS !

NO PUB ! The freddyfiles in NINOVE is een nopub meeting, indien u een organisator bent, neem dan zsm contact op met mii op FREDDYFILES2012@GMAIL.com om uw flyers of GOODIES of promotionele artikelen in de GOODIEBAGS te steken !

NO PUB ! Le meeting de NINOVE, freddyfiles, est un meeting NOPUB ! Si vous aussi etes un organisateur, contactez nous le plus vite possible sur FREDDYFILES2012@GMAIL.com pour mettre vos flyers ou GOODIES ou promotional items dans les GOODIEBAGS

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I feel love !

I feel love DISCO ! After the T2D Deluxe Callook Dinner we're heading to the ROXYs for a massive 70ies inspired  party ! Fernando will hand out a trophy for the best Moustache and the best 70ies inspired woman dress ... be there when the fun starts ! 

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48 IDA gettogheter ...

48 ida get togheter.jpg

Looking forward to the 48 IDA get togheter in Ninove, on march 11th ... it's gonna be massive !

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2 x 67 normandy callook bugs !

normandy 2 x 67.jpg

Normandy Landing ! These two lovely callook bugs are coming from Normandy ! luvly !

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It's not an illusion !

ILLUSION ? will it just all be an illusion ? I kid you not !?Freddyfiles 2012 is gonna be massive, alot of horsepower is coming from abroad, alot of cool cars from all over europe will be on display on sunday ... Saturday evening however, were going back to february 1975 ! get out those flared trousers, and get ready to dance some DISCO !!!

steve g and kinky.jpg

CONFIRMED ...DJ STEVE GSPOT and DJ KINKY will hit the decks hard ! they'll be playing a funky DISCO set for your pleasure !

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